Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly


Thomas’ childhood obsession with visual arts developed into a love for all things graphic. Inspired by conceptual artists such as Barbara Kruger, he undertook a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at UTS. Illustration and printmaking were soon traded for whitespace and bold typography.

Born and raised in Sydney, Thomas is adept in data visualisation, publication design, and typography, and feels proud to work in a company committed to an ethical and sustainable future.

He loves to travel, particularly to the colder parts of the globe. His happy place? A freezing mountain, with a set of skis and a camera. Things don’t always go to plan, though. While skiing out of bounds in Hakuba, Japan. A broken ski and a cracked helmet resulted in a very long, cold (and dark) trek down the slopes!

Our team

Derryn Heilbuth  Executive Chairman
Chin Yee Lam  Head of Data Visualization
Jim MacDougall  Strategy Associate
Adam Alexander  Head of Technology
Daniel McKenna  Senior Strategy Associate
Sue White  Finance Manager
Laura Trueb  Strategy Associate
Heidi Romano  Design Director
Samantha Pearce  Head of Account Services - Design
Dr. Alex Gold  CEO of BWD North America
Susan Dyster  Senior Strategy Manager
Dr. Sam McGlennon  Senior Strategy Manager
Matt Van Someren  Senior Strategy Manager
Josue Castro  Senior Strategy Manager
Nicola Atkin  Senior Strategy Manager
Katrina Pitkin  Design Director
Jessica Somers  Strategy Associate
Ron Ong  Marketing Specialist
Alana Salcer  Design Director
Yin Duan  Graphic Designer
& Data Visualizer
Ben Ziser  Head of Strategy