Ben Ziser

Ben Ziser

Head of Strategy

Our Head of Strategy loves to tackle big, meaningful problems and working in sustainability certainly fits the bill. He takes pride in delivering more than just an ‘answer’ for clients, valuing support and engagement as equally important outcomes. Ben grew up in a family-run small business, working the cash register before he could see over the counter. He negotiated his first pay rise at age six.

Ben leads our strategy team and thrives on amplifying the strengths of team members. He never lost the questioning mindset of a four-year-old and likes to explore the ‘why’ behind our work. This same inquisitive nature took Ben overseas for several years, where he completed an MBA at Georgetown University and worked in an energy and cleantech consultancy.

Ben’s children, Hugo and Edith, list his cooking and ability to ad lib silly bedtime songs as his greatest strengths.

Our team

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