Commonwealth Bank

Helping Australia's biggest company engage with its stakeholders

BWD partnered with Commonwealth Bank on a range of sustainability and corporate communications projects and strategies from 2017-2020.

Project highlights
  • BWD advised on, designed and produced the bank’s last stand-alone annual report (2017) and its first two integrated reports, (2018 and 2019), delivered in print and online.
  • BWD devised the strategy, writing and design collateral (reports, infographics, campaigns, frameworks) for a wide range of the bank’s environmental and social commitments including financial elder abuse, youth financial wellbeing, mental health awareness, customer advocacy, climate, data privacy and tax transparency.
  • We undertook a nine-month materiality assessment to identify and prioritise the bank’s most material issues. This involved in-depth research, internal and external stakeholder engagement, a series of workshops with senior management and a report that was produced for the executive team.
  • BWD sought to broaden the understanding of sustainable business by co-sponsoring three events with CBA on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

Commissioned services