Growing an iconic business with purpose

Canon has always been a purpose-led business, guided by a corporate philosophy – kyosei – which means living and working together for the common good. BWD has partnered with Canon Oceania since 2018 to produce the Group’s materiality assessments, sustainability reports and ESG fact sheets; all of which encapsulate the kyosei philosophy and the latest in sustainability thinking.

To ensure Canon Oceania’s strategy evolves to meet the non-financial risks and opportunities ahead, we commence our valued partnership each year with a materiality assessment. This involves a review of Group strategy, company policies and recent sustainability initiatives, ahead of an interactive workshop attended by representatives from all three of Canon Oceania’s geographies – Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines – where participants validate and refine the topics that matter most to the business.

We used Canon’s material topics, deemed critical to the company’s long-term success, to structure and inform the report. Given the company’s pioneering role in the development of photography, a visually stunning report is always a priority. Feedback suggests we deliver, with stakeholders remarking on the beauty and clarity of our design, writing and data visualisation.

Commissioned services