Dr. Alex Gold

Dr. Alex Gold

CEO of BWD North America

A trained biologist with a PhD in resilience science, Alex has an ability to pinpoint exactly how organizations rely on social and natural resources to create value. Lateral thinking comes easily too – a skill he attributes to an unconventional upbringing involving his parents’ seven marriages!

He has worked across two continents as a consummate sustainability professional, having honed his understanding of corporate sustainability in senior management roles at listed companies.

Alex leads BWD’s North America operations, partnering with organizations large and small to transform their sustainability approach. He is an expert in setting up corporate sustainability strategies, delivering integrated reporting, performing scenario analyses, and helping companies prepare for assurance over sustainability disclosure.

Born and raised in the USA, Alex spent over a decade as a professional in Australia and is a dual citizen of both countries.

Our team

Chin Yee Lam  Head of Data Visualization
Josue Castro  Senior Strategy Manager
Heidi Romano  Design Director
Samantha Pearce  Head of Account Services - Design
Ben Ziser  Head of Strategy
Jessica Somers  Strategy Associate
Matt Van Someren  Senior Strategy Manager
Jim MacDougall  Strategy Associate
Derryn Heilbuth  Executive Chairman
Laura Trueb  Strategy Associate
Nicola Atkin  Senior Strategy Manager
Sue White  Finance Manager
Yin Duan  Graphic Designer
& Data Visualizer
Daniel McKenna  Senior Strategy Associate
Susan Dyster  Senior Strategy Manager
Katrina Pitkin  Design Director
Dr. Sam McGlennon  Senior Strategy Manager
Ron Ong  Marketing Specialist
Alana Salcer  Design Director
Adam Alexander  Head of Technology