Dr. Sam McGlennon

Dr. Sam McGlennon

Senior Strategy Manager

Australian-born and raised, Sam now resides in the small coastal community of Raglan, Aotearoa / New Zealand (he didn’t really see that coming either).

Sam spent three years working on water and whales in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, before hopping Canberra’s famous lake for postgraduate studies at the Australian National University. His PhD – on interventions in tropical deforestation’s supply chains – was his ticket to Indonesia, which he now regards as the northernmost point of his triangle of adventure. Sam works with BWD on climate and modern slavery risk; two issues worthy of lengthy conversations over tequila on the rocks.

His recent re-emergence from the life-squeeze of early childhood parenting looks set to include a whole lot of music, modest doses of skateboarding, surfing and rock climbing, and definitely no motorcycles.

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