Derryn Heilbuth

Derryn Heilbuth

Executive Chairman

Thirty-one years ago when Derryn founded BWD she understood then – as now – that communicating strategy requires an ability to think strategically, tell a compelling story and write, design, illustrate or animate messages in a way that connects emotionally and intellectually.

Studying French in Paris and English literature under author J.M. Coetzee instilled a love of language. Covering women’s issues as a newspaper journalist in apartheid South Africa taught her to question orthodoxies. Working on magazines and in television brought an appreciation of how each communication medium requires similar fundamentals: well-expressed, engaging content. And running Westpac’s publications team introduced her to corporate storytelling.

Derryn loves dancing, particularly African-style. After being the only mother forced by her daughter to sit out at the year six mother-daughter dance, she now restricts her performances to the (happily) frequently-held extended family dinners. She also finds an outlet for creative expression in gardening, collecting art and providing interior design advice to her long-suffering children.

Our team

Samantha Pearce  Head of Account Services - Design
Sue White  Finance Manager
Daniel McKenna  Senior Strategy Associate
Chin Yee Lam  Head of Data Visualization
Dr. Sam McGlennon  Senior Strategy Manager
Josue Castro  Senior Strategy Manager
Matt Van Someren  Senior Strategy Manager
Nicola Atkin  Senior Strategy Manager
Jessica Somers  Strategy Associate
Yin Duan  Graphic Designer
& Data Visualizer
Alana Salcer  Design Director
Ron Ong  Marketing Specialist
Katrina Pitkin  Design Director
Laura Trueb  Strategy Associate
Heidi Romano  Design Director
Adam Alexander  Head of Technology
Ben Ziser  Head of Strategy
Jim MacDougall  Strategy Associate
Susan Dyster  Senior Strategy Manager
Dr. Alex Gold  CEO of BWD North America