Susan Dyster

Susan Dyster

Senior Strategy Manager

Susan is a curious reformed lawyer who enjoys translating our clients’ ambitions and achievements into engaging corporate and sustainability reports.

Like many Sydneysiders, Susan has a love of real estate that led her to communications and corporate reporting roles at ASX-listed REITs The GPT Group and Stockland, and in the NSW Government. She has a Master of Communication which complements undergraduate degrees in business administration and law, and work experience in marketing.

Susan’s passion for communications comes from a childhood spent reading and talking around the dinner-table, particularly about elections and sport. She has an unusually keen interest in corporate podcasts and their varied topics, from urban planning and financial markets to the Australian wool industry (and loves a good podcast pun).

Come the weekend, you’ll find Susan savouring a coffee while watching kids sport, cycling, or valiantly supporting the Waratahs.

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