Get buy-in through a planning workshop

The second of our “Nine Secrets of Integrated Reporting Success”

A planning workshop to kickstart the integrated reporting process is essential. Think of it as both an educational opportunity and a risk-mitigation exercise.

From an educational perspective, many of your colleagues will have little interest in, or understanding of, integrated thinking and reporting. The workshop is your chance to explain what it is, why it will benefit the company and them personally, and how industry leaders are already responding to the same risks and opportunities around value creation.

From a risk-mitigation perspective, a workshop fosters early buy-in from internal stakeholders, including senior decision-makers (who might otherwise have held up the process at a later date), and potential blockers. Use the opportunity to elicit a wide range of internal stakeholder views, encourage shared ownership, and explore the themes and priorities of the report. Research best practice and share them to uncover ideas you can emulate.

The workshop can be online or in person, and should be interactive, with lots of time for group input and debate. Participants should include all senior executives responsible for your report’s delivery, as well as report section owners from Investor Relations, Sustainability, Risk, Strategy, Corporate Governance, Corporate Affairs, Brand and Communications. An agenda should be circulated prior to the meeting to ensure objectives are clear.