Good business writing is easy to read, but the hardest copy to write. In a time-poor world, clear and engaging writing is vital if you want to influence and motivate your audience – and avoid the junk folder.

Business writers sometimes blame the lack of interest in their writing on the dry topics they tackle. That’s just an excuse. Any issue can be fascinating if expressed clearly and well.

You don’t need to be a professional writer or creative talent to access the power and richness of the English language.

What you will learn

This popular and versatile course explores the principles of good writing in business, and reveals how to write strategically in customer, employee or investor communications.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Understanding your audience and delivering on their key drivers
  • Improving your grammar
  • Crafting marketing messages succinctly – and in plain English
  • Finding your key messages
  • Crafting an executive summary
  • Understanding the importance of structure
  • Writing compelling content
  • Writing headlines that catch readers’ attention
  • Becoming an effective editor
  • Exploring new formats in an era of technology and short attention spans.

How you will learn it

This course is available as either a classroom or remote workshop and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Why you should choose this course

If your readers can’t trust your grammar, why should they trust your content? Polished writing is a pre-requisite in today’s world, where all of us are writers whether we like it or not.

This course takes your team through the three stages of the editing process: structural editing to get the big picture right; copy editing to improve each sentence; and proofreading to eliminate the last stubborn errors.

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