Building long-term value for a premier rice company

SunRice has come a long way since 1950, when Australian rice-growers pooled their money to establish a single rice mill in Leeton. Today, the company boasts a growing portfolio of premium-branded products with operations spanning Australia, the US, the Middle East and the Pacific. The company regularly seeks our advice on a broad range of corporate, sustainability and design initiatives.

Project highlights
  • working with the CEO and his team to revise, structure and design the company’s five-year strategy, which we consolidated into an infographic and presentation for dissemination to 2,100 employees worldwide
  • designing multiple annual reports focused on market expansion, while updating the corporate brand look and feel in the process
    co-writing, structuring and designing the company’s inaugural sustainability report
  • producing SunRice’s prospectus and investor relations material ahead of ASX listing in 2019
  • devising an animated infographic to explain and support the introduction of new IT systems
  • repurposing our brand collateral for a variety of internal templates; evidence of the recurring value that our expertise in creative design can deliver for clients.

Commissioned services