Bright Ideas Innovation System

A recipe for sustainable innovation success

A fast-moving consumer goods client with many well-known brands and divisions across the Asia-Pacific approached BWD to improve their innovation strategy. We jumped at the opportunity.

The strategy

The first phase of the project examined the company’s existing processes. Our user experience research discovered that leadership needed more comprehensive data to improve their product investment decisions.

BWD married the principles of design thinking with the business’ risk management profile to build a three checkpoint approach to getting new products on shelves for market testing.

The solution

With collaboration as a priority, we developed a secure web application that allows disparate divisions to work on projects in a common virtual space. The user experience was designed to be clear, friendly and visual to engage employees to contribute.

Kanban boards are used to visualise the work in progress so that every business function can plan their resources in concert with other teams. The system’s transparency provides improved support for structured experimentation, and consequently, smarter investments in innovation.

Commissioned services