Building a partnership for the long-term

Boral is a building products and construction materials group with operations across the world. Over a partnership spanning two decades, BWD reliably delivered a range of corporate reports, change management strategies, sustainability strategies, investor presentations, brand guidelines and digital projects.

Project highlights
  • the production and design of multiple annual reports outlining Boral’s strategy, financial performance, and approach to value creation
  • a communications strategy to reflect the diversity of the company’s 17,000 employees, with a concept based around the idea of revealing layers of humanity, much as layers of minerals form below the earth
  • a range of corporate communications, including an internal magazine, Boral News, to create a greater sense of community and bring company initiatives to life
  • an animated video and accompanying augmented reality project to celebrate Boral’s 70th anniversary by bringing its rich history to life for employees, partners and suppliers.

Commissioned services